ShortPixels – Image Compressor

ShortPixels – Image Compressor

SHORTPIXEL improves website performance by reducing the image size.

Resulted smaller images are no different in quality from the original.

Different Choices

Lossless, lossy, glossy optimization available

Shrinks Well

Up to 90% compression rate

Different Formats

Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, WebP

Page loading faster means more page views, a pleasant user experience and better search ranking.
ShortPixel uses advanced compression technology that reduces image size without any before/after difference in quality, thus making your pages load faster.


The ShortPixel plugin installs directly into your WordPress Dashboard where you can easily manage the image reduction process.
All images will be automatically processed. Configure ShortPixel plugin to compress past images and optimize your website history.



100 images/month

Short Plan

5,000 images/month

Large Plan

$11.98 $9.99
12,000 images/month

XXL Plan

$54.89 $29.99
55,000 images/month

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